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Cory Wheelabrator’s proposed incinerator defeated

On 8th January 2015 after 5 years of controversy Cory Wheelabrator finally gave up and withdrew their planning application.

This marks the end of the ‘Willows’ incinerator application. It is unfortunate this deeply flawed proposal dragged on for so long wasting £33million and causing much resentment. Even the very best marketing could not turn an outdated incinerator in to a good idea. Thank you to everyone who helped stop the incinerator.

Mike Knights
Vice Chairman KLWIN
Farmers Campaign Coordinator

New Milestone Reached!

December 15th 2014 at a Norfolk County Council meeting we reached a major milestone.

In the morning a motion to prevent the sale of the Willows site (owned by the County Council) to anyone who might use it for incineration won with flying colours. However, the icing on the cake came in the afternoon when an amendment tabled to remove incineration from the new Waste Policy won with a resounding 64 votes to six against with six abstentions. The Waste Policy was then immediately waved through without any hitch.

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Campaigner’s relief as Norfolk County Council says final no to incineration

Norfolk County Council agree that an incinerator will not be considered when dealing with waste in the future

How can the ‘Willows’ Incinerator Save Money?

Norfolk County Council officials have no idea how to negotiate the best deal. At £105 per tonne the ‘Willows’ represents the most expensive incinerator on this scale anywhere in the UK (according to official figures published by the Waste Research Action Programme). The UK average cost is £78 per tonne!

The ‘Willows’ needed a Government subsidy to help it compete, after losing £169M of subsidy it is nonsense to say the ‘Willows’ would save money.

Paying above the going rate for 25 years matters, UEA Economist Dr Chris Edwards found better value proposals could save up to £8.5M every year instead of using the ‘Willows’ incinerator. Even if Norfolk has to pay a ridiculous £20M-£30M penalty to abandon the contract it is still cheaper to get out than continue.

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Government Subsidy withdrawn.

Government Subsidy withdrawn.
18th October 2013 The Government subsidy for the incinerator has gone. This is a most welcome spending cut and a very sensible move, just in time to prevent a great deal more money being wasted by Norfolk County Council.

This now means NCC can reject the incinerator on October 28th without being tempted by a Government subsidy (PFI). If NCC does nothing the incinerator contract will be terminated at the end of October 2013 limiting the compensation Cory Wheelabrator might claim.

We now need your help to finish this off, please write letters.

Henry Bellingham MP debates the proposed Incinerator at Westminster Hall.

• Henry Bellingham MP tells Parliament a rival bidder would have been £46M cheaper for Norfolk's Taxpayers.

• Why did officers make a last minute change of their recommendation to favour the more costly bidder?

• Why was a £20M planning failure clause signed after the applicant had already decided to apply for planning permission?

Planning Committee Locality

It came as no surprise when the same Council officers who proposed the incinerator, recommended it gets planning approval.
Look at the map to see how democratic representation on the planning committee was abandoned. The Dept for Communities and Local Government prefer planning decisions to be made locally...
How is this Local?

The nearest planner lives 25 miles away from the proposed incinerator.
The Council’s determination to award planning permission for its own project is not in any doubt. Planners also know the Council is committed to pay £20M compensation to the developer if planning is not awarded.

Leaked Documents

Leaked strategy document extracts. Norfolk County Council made false claims against the official incinerator ballot, along with DEFRA they supported a strategy to “undermine its moral value”.
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First Americans, now Europeans lose their appetite for building incinerators.

In the 1990s Americans realised EfW incinerators were costly and inefficient profiting developers at taxpayer’s expense. A Wall Street Journal article by Jeff Bailey 11th August 1993 illustrates the point. Parallels with present day UK are striking, lessons should be learnt instead of mistakes repeated. Since a 2009 report on incinerators in Germany it looks as though they ‘learnt the hard way’. The German Government does not intend to build any further EfW incinerators.

Modern Incinerator at Stoke. A working ‘modern’ incinerator (Stoke 2005). The constant plume of fine particles is usually invisible to the naked eye.

Aerial View, Location Matters.
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Campaign over view and objective

We understand Norfolk must reduce its dependency on landfill and support the County Council in seeking a better solution. We disagree with the Council’s choice of technology. There are proven technologies better than incineration offering the necessary reductions in landfill without polluting the air and surrounding farmland. The local population will have to live with the consequences and therefore we demand a say in which solution is used. The impacts on health, transport and the local economy make incineration unacceptable. Only an environmentally responsible solution is acceptable such as Anaerobic Digestion, Mechanical and Biological Treatment, Autoclave and Advanced Composting. The only thermal treatment that should even be considered is Plasma Gasification. It is our objective that Norfolk’s waste is treated in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner, which minimises its impact on peoples health and the environment.

Environmental Consultant investigates incinerator ballot result

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